About Us


EvansWerks, LLC is committed to providing professional grade lighting systems at consumer friendly prices.

We believe that empowering consumers with professional grade technology will allow them to use professional lighting equipment in ways no one previously thought was possible, transforming a wide range of industries in the process.


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Email EvansWerks, LLC at:

info@anthemone.com | General questions and product support
sales@anthemone.com | Volume sales and order questions
website@anthemone.com | Website issues


We are seeking:

  • Electrical engineers with backgrounds in embedded devices, lithium-ion batteries and thermal management.

  • Logistics and supply chain managers with a background in offshore sourcing and global shipping.

  • Manufacturing experts with hands-on experience in CNC, anodizing, extrusion, laser engraving and injection molding.

If you fit any of these three areas please email your resume to careers@anthemone.com. These are the only areas applicants are currently being considered for. Please only apply if you meet the above criteria.


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Anthem One is a massive evolutionary leap in professional lighting. Learn more about its game-changing Feature Set.


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